How to Make Stronger Friendships With Old Friends?

Friendship is a vital part of our life. We come at certain points in our lives where nothing but friendships mean the world to us. Our friends help us to know ourselves better. They are a huge influence on our choices. It means that we love to take suggestions from our friends about what we should buy or where we should go to eat and similar everyday questions.

Friendships change and also bonds grow stronger every time a few people enter and exit our lives. Someone once said that “friends are flowers in the garden of life” and it is so true. We need to nurture friendship just like plants and water, it regularly to make sure that it grows well. Through this article, we will tell you how you can make your friendships stronger.

Ways to strengthen friendships

The following ways will give you an idea of how you should treat your friends and maintains relations so that the bond with your friends only grow stronger.

1. Make wise choices

No one can become friends with everyone. Make sure you only befriend people who show you a better path and not pull you downwards. Your friends are people who should encourage, welcome and inspire you. You must stay away from the ones that demotivate and insult you always. The fact is that your family is definitely not your choice, but your friends certainly are.

2. Be a good listener

Listen carefully when your friend is sharing something with you. Your friend should feel that you are giving her your attention and listening to every word carefully. Interrupt and ask questions and make your friend understand that you are taking an interest in the conversation. In the end, repeat in short, what she told you.

The whole process does not necessarily mean that you need to convey all your expressions through words. Often, body language and proper eye contact also make a lot of difference.

3. Think before responding

You should always think of a 100times before you respond to your friend. Try to calm yourself before responding to a conversation when you are not in a good mood or angry. You must always restrict yourself for a while, think what you want to say and then talk. Doing this will save you from hurting your friend’s feelings and also damaging your self-respect. When you know that your friend trusts you with her feelings and secrets, act extra careful not to break that trust. This is going to take friendships a long way.

4. Do not try to be the problem-solver always

Advise your friends whenever they need you and listen to their problem carefully before doing that. However, remember that they are just going through a rough phase and want your support. Do not interfere too much into everything. You may bother them in this way.

You don’t always need to tell them to be selfish. Sometimes, your friend needs to figure out the next step on her own. You are helping her to get back on her own feet that’s it.

5. Play fair

Do not compete with your friends always in a game or real life. They will not like such behavior at all.

6. Be real

Just be yourself, real and honest, always with your friends. Moreover, being real in front of your friend and not hiding anything means you are finally testing your friendship.

A person who cannot accept your reality and wants your friendship in their terms does not deserve you at all. Friendship is that zone in which you do not have to keep a false side of yourself. You can shed all inhibitions and enjoy with them.

7. Communication is the key to better bond

Normally, you may take some time while developing communication with someone and then trust her. You should always help a friend who needs you, no matter how busy you are. Give them what and when you can and communicate through all your problems. Also, never try to dominate a healthy conversation and turn it into an argument.

Communication can work wonders if you know the correct way to do it.

8. Help friends are real

Accept your friend just the way she is. You do not need to change her a bit. Remember, you said that you need a friend who can see the real you and still be friends. Yes, your friend wants that too. Be empathetic, always and help each other to feel happy about how you both are. Help your friend to trust you so that she does not need to fake just because she feels that you may not want to be friends with her if you get to know how she is really.

9. Respect each other

There is no problem to disagree with your friend, but at the same time, you should never force her. If you both cannot agree with each other, let your friend take her own decision. Remember, it was your duty to advise her and now she is the one who needs to decide what she wants.

It is okay to learn from your mistakes. Let your friend be independent till the time a decision does not kill her or send her to a coma. If you are 100% confident in what she is doing is ultimately going to harm her, you have all the right to stop her till the time she gives up on her decision. Such incidents may lead to an argument, but who minds one if that does good to your friend in some way.

10. Give compliments and show gratitude

Tell your friends if they are looking good or if she has a unique talent. Compliments and appreciation always make your day and it is the same for your friend. Also, try and say ‘thank you’ whenever your friend does something to help you out. Do not measure how small or big the help was and just show your gratitude. Such behavior always strengthens friendships.

Final thoughts

We have a lot of people around us and not everyone is our friend. We are lucky if we have people in our lives whom we can refer to as ‘friends’ and we should always cherish such people.

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