Italian Scientists Gain A Significant Ground In The Development Of Corona Virus Vaccine That Neutralizes The Virus’s Infection In Human Cells

Nothing can be more relieving than getting to know that finally corona virus vaccine has been successfully developed. On Wednesday, an Italian firm of researchers claimed that they have got world’s first vaccine to contain the corona virus.

According to the reports, this new vaccine is believed to work on SARS-CoV-2 virus that is still spreading on a fast pace in the entire world.

Testing of the vaccine

Well, after getting the vaccine, researchers tested their vaccine on mice in order to ensure about its effects on the human body. all these tests were done in Rome’s Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases.

This vaccine is one of the most visible progresses in the path to contain this novel corona virus which can be called out to be a global pandemic that has actually joggled the whole economy into recession.

However, the tests were done by injecting the mice with the vaccine and this resulted into the generation of antibodies that are effective in case of human cells. These antibodies can actually block the virus from infecting people.

Also, a report from Science times said that the vaccine neutralized the corona virus in human cells too.

Human testing

The firm that is working on this vaccine, Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO, Takis cleared it to the Italian news agency (ANSA) that this is perhaps the most advanced stage of testing the candidate vaccine that has ever developed in Italy. Well, the researchers also added that the human tests are likely to be initiated in summers.

Collaboration for vaccine production

 As they say, unity is strength. So, the Italian researchers have talked to Americal drug company LineaRX to develop the vaccine and are being hopeful for Italian government and all the other International bodies to be more supportive.

Well, in this view Aurisicchio said that the countries are not competing against each other in this, the entire world can fight this deadly virus by joining hands.

On the other hand, the Italian researchers have already the serum from blood having good amount of antibodies and are still trying to figure out the lifetime of this response from the human immune system to prevent the life threatening corona virus.

Furthermore, the scientists mentioned that all the effective vaccines that have successfully demonstrated neutralization of corona virus infection, are being developed are solely based on the genetic material of DNA protein “spike”. Since it is strongly believed by the scientists that this makes their vaccine specifically effective for generating antibodies that would fight against “spike” protein present in lung cells, which is the most defenseless to corona virus.

Furthermore, Dr Emanuele Marra of Takis said that these vaccines are capable of adapting to each and every kind of COVID-19 evolutions and can fight all its potential metamorphosis. Hopefully, this can be the final step to completion of mission of developing vaccine for covid19.

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