Two Noida Schools Shut Amidst Coronavirus Scare In Delhi-Based Patient At A Birthday Party

Two Noida schools sent the children back to their homes, shutting down the school premises for a few days. This is because one of the student’s parent was found positive for coronavirus on this Monday.

The health authorities were seen suspending into action on Tuesday. They received the report that one of the private schools in Noida asks the parents to take the children home. The reason behind sending children back home is that some of the children have attended a birthday party which was organized by the individual who was found positive for coronavirus on Monday.

The health authorities make sure that the school building was sanitized and further precautionary measures have also been taken. They have sent blood samples of 5 families who attended the birthday party for examination. Also, a health department team, Noida, arrived school nearby 11.45 am for inspecting the situation.

According to Dr. Anurag Bharghav, the man who has found infected with coronavirus came to know about his infection only after the birthday party. Furthermore, the health officials have made a request to the people to stay calm and not consider it too much. The official added the school will be reopened after the building is completely sanitized.

Exam Postponed in School

It has been reported that the school in Noida has postponed the exams after knowing that the father of one of the students is tested positive for coronavirus. Though the School has postponed all the examinations conducted internally, the board exams will continue.

The School will remain closed from March 4 to March 6. The school for the reported that all the learning spaces including the school campus, school buses are sterilized and sanitized completely.

Another Nodia School Shut

In the meantime, another school in Noida remained closed on Tuesday. The reason for the school shut was because a Delhi resident found positive for coronavirus.

The School has decided to remain shut until March 9 and begin the process sanitizing all learning spaces, removing the scope for the spread of this deadly virus. The school principal said that this is paper has been taken as a precautionary measure and the time school will remain shut, the management will take all the preventive measures. The principal of the school mentioned everything in  mail sent to all the parents.

Relatives of Coronavirus patients sent to Safdarjung Hospital  

Meanwhile, the family members of the man who was tested positive for coronavirus have been shifted to Safdarjung Hospital. The Health Ministry sources have confirmed that they will be tested as they have shown some symptoms of the virus.

The sources further added that the relatives of the Delhi-based-man were set to remain restrained at their place.

Also, the accountant working for the man and some of his relatives are also shifted to the hospital for the test. Contact tracing for Covid-19 was in process according to the sources

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