Fact Check: Earth is out of Danger on April 29

In the middle of coronavirus panic, which has affected every country. The virus is the reason behind 4000 plus people’s deaths (more information about COVID-19)
Now the people are scared about the earth being hit by a celestial object within a few days.
A lot of people saying on Facebook that on April 29, the world is in big danger. It is being said that earth is going to destroy because of an asteroid. That asteroid is big in size as the Himalayas which is which will hit earth on April 29.
Two Facebook users named Mularam Bhakar Jaat Osian and Adbhut Anokha Aparjit published a video clip. That video clip had a logo and headlines that an asteroid is coming in the direction of Earth.
That caption read in Hindi saying earth sees its end on 29 April 2020. After digging into the details the video was found as a distorted claim.
According to NASA, the asteroid is named officially as 52768 (1998 OR2). The asteroid is known to pass by earth on 29 April 2020. The asteroid will be flying at a distance from the earth of 4 million miles.
The false video posted on Facebook was further shared by many users. The whole situation which started as a rumor created a lot of panic among the people.
However, the news was given much importance by other news channels and publications. People operating social media accounts somehow believed the story of an asteroid ending the civilization of mankind.

The news created a lot of buzz in the beginning and is still continuing to do that. The sensations and a lot of confusion are building among the readers day by day.
NASA is regularly keeping a check on the trajectory speed and distance of this asteroid named 52768 (1998 OR2) along with the rest of them.
This very asteroid was discovered by NASA in 1998 and since that time is being closely monitored. The data related to this particular asteroid is available for the citizens on a website called Centre for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS).

From the official twitter handle of CNEOS, a tweet says that asteroid 1998 OR2 passing by the Earth on 29 April 2020 will safely pass it by 3.9 million miles or 6.2 million km.
On the other hand, the 52768 (1998 OR2) asteroid is nowhere declared in the list of Sentry Impact Risk Page of NASA. This page is known to keep a check on the possible coming earth effect events.
The predictable diameter of the asteroid is said to be 1.8 km to 4.1 km. it will fly from near the earth by a distance of 3.9 million miles with the predicted speed of 20000 miles per hour.
Therefore, the asteroid will be nowhere to be near to earth. About 16 times will be the distance maintained which is the distance between Earth and Moon. The Earth is completely out of danger.

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