Why does unrequited love hurt- 6 ways to deal with the pain by Rohit Sonawane

Love is an awesome feeling and no other feeling is damn cute like love. But what if they don’t love you back? This is unrequited love and hurts you so much. When you fall in love with someone and they don’t share the same feeling with you, it’s hurt badly. Perhaps you tried the best to make them happy and gave reasons to be with you, but the feeling doesn’t return. Yet, you are loving them and thinking for the best that one day they will understand your love.

One-sided love is an amazing feeling too. But if you are taking this on your ego or whatever other reasons, it hurts you. Don’t worry, because there are numbers of people who are dealing with this pain and depression. So, for you people, we have shared some good ways in this article that will help you to handle your pain with ease.

Why unrequited love causes so much pain?

When you love someone who doesn’t get back to you. Love rejection hurts badly because it hurts your feelings and we take it personally. It’s hard to accept that you are failed in your love. Your dreams are shattered and plan to live life also affect. But it is not the end of your life.

When you accept rejection, the pain may little less. Or if you are taking it so big, and thinking about this was no right blaa… blaa. Then this causes pain and hurts you every minute. Well, I know the pain is genuine, you can’t see them with someone else. But if you think, they don’t love you ever, you can feel better. Love rejection leaves scars in your heart forever that sometimes lead a person into an emotional breakdown and physical damage too.

If you are in anxiety for a long time, so you need to cope with this pain. Here are the ways to get over from unrequited love.

6 good ways to overcome from unrequited love

Accept the truth that unrequited love hurts

One of the best ways to cope with your pain is to accept what they said to you. If they don’t feel for you ever, so why you are wasting your time in thinking of them always and hurting yourself? Rejection hurts, but don’t make it so in that way that it never helps you to live life again.

Even studies have shown, to heal the wound we need to be confident that I am fine. This means you accepted the truth. Perhaps you feel pain all the time, but when you go in your life again, the wound will be healed. With time you can accept all the things and handle your emotions.

You are a strong person and life will show you lots of love. Go in a positive mood and improve your life slowly. Love gives power, so take it in that way.

Stop living in illusions of unrequited love

Love always gives hope, but when you know your love is one-sided you need to stop making illusion and thinking, one day they will say I love you and say sorry. If you love someone and you are not getting any signs they are interested in you or whatever. So, you must hide your feelings and change your opinion about them.

One more thing, if you are still trying to convince them. Please stop it. It only hurts you and creates illusions.

Write your feelings in a diary

If you don’t have genuine friends, who understand your feeling and give you support then write your feelings. Nothing is better than heal your wound own. Researchers show, when someone writes about feelings and pain, this slows down the brain’s nerves and give instant relief. When you shared everything, you will get instant relief that will never hurt you back.

Today is the time to heal yourself, not hurt more. You can take the help of your friend who can listen and aggress with your feelings.

Give love

In today’s modern era, giving love to someone is the most beautiful thing. Probably, you wish to get love back, but if that person is not happy with you or they love someone else. So, keeping your emotions controlled and starting your life fresh is a smart decision. Life is unexpected, may you find someone better who loves you unconditionally, maintain distance from unrequited love

You can make love in two ways, one should be your power by thinking for the best (not with that person who rejects you) and second to take revenge, this only hurts you.

It takes time to get normal. But if you think your love is precious and someone is not caring about it or whatever. So, take care of yourself. Love is the gift of God. Give love but not revenge or pain.

Are they right for you?

Perhaps you are saying now, they are perfect. But think are they? This is all you think. Now, do one thing. Write a note on what you dislike about them, so may you find why they were not right for you.

Try to Cut off

When your crush around, you just need to see his/her. Heart again finds the way to love them, but you know the truth. It’s better to cut off. With this, your heart starts healing and you will forget about the crush and pain.

To do this make sure you are not waiting to see them, do not ask common friends about their health and relationship status, etc. This gives you pain only, so go with smartness and stay happy.

Final words

Undoubtedly, unrequited love gives pain. But how to deal with this pain and how much it affects your present life, it all up to you. Love is unconditional, so you should hope for the best in the future. One day you will find your true love, who is just the perfect and right person for you.

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  1. Rohit says:

    Thanks folksgrowth team for publishing this blog on unrequited love. This one is highly needed to be out since there are so many people are stuck into unrequited love and they’re suffering from the same.
    It will definitely help them to see the bigger and better side of the life and come over from unrequited love.
    Keep up the good work team #Folksgrowth

    1. Varshil sha says:

      Keep sharing with us..

  2. Sumit says:

    Nice one rohit keep it up nd reach the sky high

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