6 Healthiest Fruits For Better Health of Body

With the change in time and environment, we all need to be very concerned about our health. The lifestyle we all are adopting is not at all healthy. With a busy schedule, we ignore our daily schedule and switch to an unhealthy diet. The unhealthy diet is the biggest problem of our health. We all should be very conscious about our meal, what we eat. We should avoid all junk and fast food and switch to healthiest fruits more. There are many fruits for good health available in the market which could be a better meal instead of fast food. The fruits not only help you to stay fit but also make your immune system strong.

Better Health with Fruits

Different fruits have different benefits for health. We can’t say that every fruit contains all the good vitamins and minerals which is sufficient for the healthy body. All the healthy compounds are not available in a single fruit, but yes some amount is available in all the fruits. Below are here some of the fruits with their benefit for the body. The intake of the below-mentioned food could help you to build a better immune and stay fit and healthy.

Peaches – Packet of Potassium

We all know banana contains a high amount of potassium in it, but do we all know what is the benefit of two small peaches? You would be happy to know that too small peaches contain 250 mg of essential mineral in it. The mineral available in peach (potassium) is a very effective booster for nerves and muscles. As per the different research, it has also been invented that the skin of the peach is a very good antioxidant for the body. Peaches are also healthiest fruits and a good gift for those who are in the way to lose their weight. As peach add sweetness to your meal without adding fat into your meal. it can be used to make several desserts, fat-free dessert. Hence one can add a sparkling desert to there meal without getting fat.

Anti-inflammation Power with Pineapple

Pineapple is well known for its sweet and tangy taste. With the sweet and tangy taste, the inflammation enzymes are also present in pineapple. The inflammation property of pineapple helps to reduce the risk of a heart attack. The best part of the pineapple is it can be used in several ways. Such as pineapple can be eaten fresh, frozen, or even dried. In all the state pineapple gives the same benefit and also a very tangy to taste always. With some new and trendy recipe, you can be a good chef by making different recipes related to the pineapple, for example, you can try something with grilled pineapple. Therefore the people with heart disease or anyone facing the risk of heart attack for them a pineapple could be your best medicine to cure the disease.

Grapes Fruit for Healthy Heart

If you are searching fruit for a healthy heart then you must go with the grapes. The little purple and black bubbly fruit are the among oldest fruit. Grapes have a very good effect on blood lipids and also on inflammation. The patient suffering from the issue of blood pressure can add more grapes in their diet as grapes help to maintain BP in the best way. Not only for hurt but grapes are also good for the muscles to cramp as it contains a good amount of potassium in it. This healthiest fruits with potassium helps to overcome muscle cramps. This small fruit is also very easy to eat as you don’t have to peel off its skin , whereas you can directly eat it.

Kiwi Gift of Vitamins

One of the best fruit for weight loss is kiwi. Kiwi contains fiber and low calories which make the fruit good to add in a meal for weight loss. Apart from being the best meal to lose your weight, it is also loaded with vitamins. This is also good for the cancer patient and a good antioxidant. The best thing about kiwi is it is available for the whole year. Hence you don’t have to wait for the season of kiwi but you can consume it all over the year. It can be easily stored in the refrigerator for about 4 weeks if you don’t peel its skin off. Hence it is a great snack and breakfast with the benefit of losing weight.

Boost your Immunity with Mango

As we all know mango is said to be king of the fruits, available in the summer season. The reason behind saying Mango, king of fruit is because of the amount of nutrition available in it. Mango contains a high level of beta–carotene. Our body converts this beta-carotene in vitamins which helps to boost our immune system and also helps to give sharp vision to your eyes. You would love to know that about 60 mg Of vitamin C is present in a cup of mango. This is good news for fruit lovers that having even a cup of mango for a single day would help you to get a lot more nutrition and vitamin to your body. Mangoes are among one of the healthiest fruits for body. Here is the mentioned link to purchase best mango and enjoy https://www.bigbasket.com/pc/fruits-vegetables/fresh-fruits/mangoes/

Apple – fruit for brain

From childhood, we all hear that an apple a day keeps the doctor away! But is this true? Yes, this is! You may be very surprised to know that even a medium-size apple contains a low-calorie but a good quantity of querteci. This is very helpful in protecting brain cell degeneration. Whereas its absence can lead to Alzheimer. Apart from being good for the brain, the apple is also very good to reduce BP and also improve the level of cholesterol into the body. Sometimes we avoid eating the skin of the apple. But please note down that the apple skin is very good for the body as it contains the fighting compound which helps to reduce the rate of heart disease.


With the above-mentioned list, you could have got the idea of how beneficial fruit is to our body. It is also discovered that consuming more fruits are found to be healthier.

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