Best Lunch for Kids to Make for a Wholesome Meal

Preparing the best lunch for kids can be a potential challenge. You need to woo them with interesting food. Also, keeping their nutritional needs in mind is quite important. Affordable and healthy lunch ideas are not that easy. Often, replicating monster-shaped sandwiches can be quite a task. Pin-wheel rolls cannot often be arranged in typical lunch boxes. Doable healthy meals that aren’t pocket pinching are the best for your kid. But, you have to show considerable patience at this hour. Let’s be creative and add some tang to your kids’ lunchboxes. You might be preoccupied with household chores. Is putting up with creative ideas seeming difficult?

Moms need to make sure that the kids do not complain before heading to the door. Facing this daunting challenge is tough but kids throwing tantrums are even tougher.

Consider two things before packing lunch for kids-

  • Is it interesting enough to feed the attention of kids?
  • Is it seemingly the so-called best lunch for kids?

Why are the nutritional considerations important?

Relying on school canteens might not be feasible. This is because they often offer heavily processed food items. Fresh foods often fall short on the go. We might also feel lazy to cook large meals every single day. We rather find it easier to heat up French fries and lasagna. But when it comes to kids, preparing healthy meals becomes mandatory. Punching whole grains into interesting lunch options can give parents sleepless nights. Packed lunch often remains low on nutritional value. Items loaded with sugar and salt are also not healthy, to say the least.

Chances are kids who would reject items that are solely nutritional. So, kids love to binge on foods that are healthful yet very interesting. A major disadvantage is that kids reject wholesome meals. So, somewhere we have to take up the task of upping the tangy quotient.

How to feed the interest of kids?

  • Avoid convenient foodstuff: Better keep that bag of chip restricted to the trash can. Instead, you can go to interesting home-cooked food. Never forget to opt for a low-sugar treat.
  • Try involving the kids in the cooking process: Let your kids choose the fruits and veggies they love. Make them more empowered & even more excited ‘bout everything they eat. It will be hard for them to reject pieces of stuff they’ve chosen for themselves.
  • Pack smoothies and soups in a thermos: Fresh smoothies and soups can be the best lunch for kids. Nothing beats the importance of fruit-rich smoothies and handmade soaps. It is also important to teach kids how to handle thermos. This becomes imperative when you’re packing soups and smoothies.
  • Try to remain flexible: Stay flexible and choose a mix of different ingredients each week. Think of interesting meals in advance. Kids are certain to love this process of variation.
  • Avoid sugar-rich drinks: Drinks loaded with sugar only give empty calories. Instead pack buttermilk, flavored milk, homemade juices or even plain water. These will tickle their taste buds and provide them considerable nutrition.
  • Concentrate on portions: It is very important that you serve the correct portion to your kids. An overloaded lunch box will only raise your difficulties. Kids often thrive on half the foods and bring the rest back home. Serve that portion that suits their requirements. Talk to a pediatrician to know more about your kids’ nutrition requirements.

Cost considerations

Having financial constraints is seemingly not anything to be ashamed of. You can manage to get your kids the best within a budget. Home packed meals may contain budget-friendly options like apples, sandwiches, and pinwheel roll-ups. Nobody ever asked you to pack a whole turkey for lunch. One could very well pack carrots with interesting dips. Go smart and be very affordable whenever needed. The choices may or may not depend on your financial situation. But, it is always advisable to keep things in the budget.

Select an interesting lunch box

This is an important part of picking the best lunch for kids. These days, you can easily avail of themed lunch boxes. Fairy tale themed lunch boxes and Disney-themed lunch boxes are popular choices. Boxes now have more than one compartment to add several nutritious items. Get the one that you feel is the best for your kid. Kids seem to enjoy boxes divided into small sections. These boxes instantly transform their moods and then magic unfolds.

Some lunch options to consider

You can go witty to pack fresh veggies and fruits into their lunch boxes. Here are some quick lunch ideas and tips to captivate your little one’s interest.


It is very unlikely that your kids won’t fall for quesadillas. Stuff them with fresh fruits in an interesting manner. Trust your instincts and just give it a good try.


  • One whole-grain tortilla
  • Fruits
  • Avocado
  • Cheese


  • Place the tortilla on the heat and heat it.
  • Add avocado, cheese and pack fruits separately.
  • When the cheese starts to melt, your job is almost over.
  • Fold the whole-grain tortilla and press the halves.
  • Let the other part become crispy yet moist

You can also add black beans or rajma in place of avocados. That too goes very well with the quesadilla.

Peanut butter and banana wrap

Yes, you have read that correct. This interesting combination will never displease your kids.


  • Whole-wheat wrap
  • Sliced banana
  • Peanut butter
  • Honey


  • Smear the wrap entirely with peanut butter
  • Add a good amount of honey
  • Now place the banana slices carefully
  • Roll the wrap and cut it into two halves

These wraps are powerhouses of energy, strong flavors and a whole lot of aroma.

Sandwich roll-up

This is a wholesome sandwich that we will be talking about.


  • Bread – 2 loafs
  • Ketchup
  • Shredded chicken
  • Some cheese


  • Toast the loaves of bread slightly
  • Spread the ketchup throughout the length of the bread
  • Now place the shredded
  • Add some cheese on the bread
  • Let it melt and pack it for lunch

Use cloves to seal the sandwiches. This will make the sandwiches further interesting.

Pesto pasta

This is something that is totally affordable and fiber-loaded


  • Pesto
  • Pasta


  • Toss the pasta in pesto
  • Make sure that the ingredients are fresh and not frozen
  • Add a whole lot of parmesan and heat for a while

In this way, you can add nutritious fiber to your kids’ Tiffin.

Final thoughts

One cannot ever skimp on nutrition for kids. Follow these simple ideas and it will feel like a delectable treat to your kids.

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