14 Adequately Used Food Items To Fight Against Constipation

The majority of people know that constipation results from poor eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle of the people. It is much common complaint regularly. But doctors say that constipation is a reduction in bowel movements or difficulty in departing stools. People who suffer from constipation may slightly feel swollen belly too. They can improve their present condition by considering food for constipation.

Many people who have constipation feel pain and discomfort at the bowel tendency. They push it hard because they feel pain in the stomach. It also reduces the diet because of discomfort in eating.

Home remedies to remove the problem of constipation

The majority of people are not aware of what food helps for constipation? They just need to see what level of constipation they are facing. However, there are some home pointers which help the people to fight against the problems of constipation. Some of them are as follows:


The best source to fight against constipation is water. Let me tell you how it works. First of all, drink lots of water at regular intervals. Besides, don’t skip drinking 2 glass of lukewarm water as soon as you get up from your bed. It would help you to lose your stomach and helps in bowel movement as well. Also, make a habit of drinking it regularly and you will never face this problem in the coming future.


Another best food for constipation is yogurt. Yogurt is having a microorganism known as probiotics which helps in improving health. It is one of the good bacteria which helps in soften the stool and get you relief from the problem of constipation. So as per the research if you eat a half bowl of yogurt every morning, then it takes no time in the bowel.

Plum or Prunes

Dried plums are also known as Prunes. This is one of the best remedies which one can use at their home food for constipation. As you know fiber is very much necessary for our body and we need 8% fiber daily intakes. So this Prunes is an insoluble fiber, known as cellulose which increases the amount of water in the stool. This Prunes also have phenolic that facilitates beneficial gut bacteria.


Another best component which is high in fiber. This small fruit contains 5.5 grams of fiber which helps to increase the level of water in stools. Pear is consists of sorbitol, which is a source of increased water in the intestines. This would keep your stopping system in control. So you can add it to your meal and can be eastern raw or in cooked form.

Green vegetables and sprouts

Green vegetables are rich in fiber, vitamin K and C and in folate. So if you consume these green vegetables especially spinach, broccoli, sprouts, it would add weight in the stool. These vegetables add fiber and increase water content which helps to remove the problem of constipation.


Every pulse is rich in fiber which includes, lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans, etc. These are the good nutrients food items that the problem of constipation. So if you take 100grms of pulses daily, you will stay away from constipation.


People say that soup is good to digest. It is absolutely correct. The war soup keeps your body stay fit and keep it away from stool constipation. This warm soup when reaches in your intestine, it makes your stool much soft so that it passes easily.

Wheat bran

Wheat bran is also a popular remedy, which can be used to food for remove constipation. Women did not eat much fiber daily. So start adding wheat bran in breakfast, it will hp your bowling system. It is rich in fiber so can be consumed daily to stay fit.


Grapes are a fruit which has a thin skin and has fiber in it. Grapes also have water content, which helps in improving digestion. So grapes can be used to stay away from the problems of constipation.

Whole Wheat and bread

These Are the two things which ins able fiber. These things add the weight to the stools so that it may speed up the stopping process.


It is a plan with a leaf which helps in improving the digestion. If your digestive system is good then it helps you to improve the rolling system as well. Start consuming it on a daily, to remove constipation.


Artichoke is good in fiber. If you consume artichoke in a salad or in a dish then it helps to listen to your stool.

Flex seeds

Flex seeds are rich in oil. These seeds are having many qualities. It helps in balancing the weight as well. Consuming these seeds daily in the morning may help you to get many benefits. It helps in increasing the immunity system and bowling system as well. So start eating these seeds daily.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is rich in fiber. If you consume a single sweet potato it would give you 60grams of fiber. This helps in increasing the water level in a boy so it automatically helps in improving constipation.

Wrapping up!

Though constipation is not a major problem, if it’s not cured it can become serious. There are many people who must be facing this problem each day. But eating so many medicines for such a problem is not worth.

So there are many home remedies which you can see are given below are best to remove the constipation problem. These are the best fruits and pulses which we consume daily. So start to make a habit to consume these high fiber products, that help you to remove the constipation problem. If you also face digestion issues then also these are few tips which help you to recover in a few days.

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