How to Prevent Spices from getting Spoiled during Monsoon

How to Prevent Spices from getting Spoiled during Monsoon

Indian spices are a very unique mixture of flavors. Since a long time, Indian spices are prominent for their taste. Indian kitchen is full of such spices and one cannot even imagine food without spices. Spices are the main ingredient used to make Indian food spicier and tastier. In every kitchen, you will surely find different kinds of spices. In other words, spices are also called the strength of the kitchen. Without spices, the food will become tasteless which nobody would prefer to eat. so, it is important to prevent spices from getting spoiled.

In almost every Indian kitchen, there is a treasure full of healthy and nutritious spices and masala that add taste and flavor to the food. Hence, it becomes essential to preserve the taste and formula of these spices. Monsoon is the main season in which there are maximum chances of spices to get spoiled. This is because in monsoon the weather outside becomes humid and gloomy in which the spices starts spoiling easily. In monsoon, we mostly notice that food will start getting soggy and starts stinking too. Moreover, the spices will start losing their flavors because of the humid weather.

It is because of the muggy monsoon season that all the spices in our kitchen chunk with moisture. Also, the fragrance of spices starts disappearing making the spices unsafe for human consumption. That is why it is essential to take care of spices while storing them during monsoons to retain the magic of these spices.

Tips that help you prevent your spices during monsoon

Put your spices in airtight containers

You need to be cautious before the arrival of monsoon to prevent your spices from getting spoiled. You can simply put all the spices and ingredients in airtight containers. In this way, you can prevent spoilage of masalas. This basic rule can be beneficial because it will also help in restoring the flavor and aroma of the spices. You can keep your spices and masalas into small plastic jars or containers. This will not only prevent spices from fungus but also make sure that all the spices are fresh and hygienic. After all, you don’t want to compromise with the quality of your food even in the muggy monsoon season.

Keep your spices away from heat

The next basic rule that you can follow is to keep the spices away from heat. Storing spices near the heating lace can result in quality deterioration of all your spices. Most of the people in India put their spices near the gas stove for their convenience but this is not a good idea. The heat from the gas stove can make the spices too capricious.

The different types of oils which are present in spices vaporize in the air. Therefore, you must store your spices in the cupboard away from gas stove and heating places such as direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will also lead to spoilage of spices. To prevent this, you can also put the spices in dark tint containers. This will not evaporate the oils present in our spices and your magical masalas will not lose the flavor and taste.

Don’t put loose spices with plastic packing in refrigerator

Some people are in habit of keeping their spices in refrigerator thinking it will remain fresh for long. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Storing wet masalas in the refrigerator will stay fine while dry spices attain moisture and lose their hypnotic fragrance.

Also, you should not put loose Indian spices in the refrigerator with their plastic packaging. This is because the refrigerator changes the natural taste and flavor of spices when stored in loose plastic packing. A better option is to store spices in the vacuum-tight pack and keep them in the freezer. However, the best option is to purchase spices in smaller quantities during monsoon.

Put your spices in upright arrangement

Experts say that the best way to keep your kitchen smart is to stock up all your spices and masalas in an upright arrangement. It will not only make your kitchen look more presentable but also enlarge the shelf life of all the spices. Storing the spices in an upright position is also a great idea because it will make certain that the masalas don’t deteriorate quickly.

This is a simple step that you must follow regularly. Once you have placed all the spices and ingredients in the right arrangement, you need not worry about there deterioration during monsoons.

Store your spices in dry places

You must put your spices in a dry and dark place. The place should not be wet and moist. Any kind of wetness will snatch the color, taste, and smell of your spices. Also be careful about the way you use your spices during monsoon i.e., rainy season. You have to be careful that you should not put your fingers directly to taste your spices. Also, don’t put the wet spoon in the jar of Indian spices which you are using. Never place the spices close to a washbasin or any other wet place. Remember, a few drops of water are sufficient to hamper the flavor of your spices.

That’s a wrap

We came to know that spices remain best if we used them fresh. So buy spices in the required quantity to retain its taste, flavor, and fragrance. Also, store them in the right place to make your food tastier and spicy. So, start storing all your masala and spices in an airtight container before the monsoon arrives and prevent spices from getting spoiled.



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