2,411 current new cases in India within 24 hours, COVID-19 cases hits the mark of 38,000

With every passing day, cases of COVID-19 in India are increasing. The country has already entered into stage 3. Its people need to be more careful than before.


  1. Highly affected by coronavirus state is Maharashtra. There are around 11,506 of positive coronavirus cases along with deaths of 485.
  2. The death toll of India is 1,223 currently. However, there are 71 more reported deaths in the last 24hours.

New Delhi

In last 24 hours, India has recorded new 2,411 coronavirus cases. There has been rise in the total count of the cases on Saturday. The Union Health Ministry says, there are 37,776 cases in total now.
The count also includes 111 overseas nationals. However, by Friday evening, the count was set at 35,365. Out of the entire cases, 26,535 are positive cases and 10,017 cases are healthier successfully.
On the other hand, the last few hours have shown 71 new deaths. Therefore, the current death toll is about 1,223.
The essence of the country, Maharashtra is highly affected by the virus. This results to 11,506 total cases in the state. Out of the complete cases 1,879 people have been discharged and recovered from illness. But on the other hand, 485 deaths have occurred.
Talking about the second most affected state in India, it is Gujarat. The reported cases are 4,721 following by Delhi cases which are 3,738 as per Heath Ministry Data.
The rest of the states are also seeing quick rise in the coronavirus cases. Madhya Pradesh reports 2,719 cases, Rajasthan reports 2,666 cases, UP reports 2,455 and Tamil Nadu with 2,526 cases.
The loss of life is faced by Maharashtra the most. However, Gujarat comes up with 236 deaths, MP with 145 deaths and Delhi with 61 deaths.
So far about 10 lakh tests are known to be conducted all across the country.
The ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) will be studying about the rising tension of coronavirus in India whether it has shown some alteration while the spread across the country.
Here are total number of cases all across India according to states:
Andaman and Nicobar Islands – 33 cases
Assam – 43 cases
Andhra Pradesh – 1,525 cases
Arunachal Pradesh – 1 case
Gujarat – 4,721 cases
Himachal Pradesh – 40 cases
Bihar – 471 cases
Chandigarh – 88 cases
Goa – 7 cases
J&K – 639 cases
Delhi – 3,738 cases
Haryana – 360 cases
Kerala – 498 cases
Ladakh – 22 cases
MP – 2,719 cases
Maharashtra – 11,506 cases
Karnataka – 598 cases
Jharkhand – 111 cases
Mizoram – 1 case
Meghalaya – 12 cases
Manipur – 2 cases
UP – 2,455 cases
Uttarakhand – 58 cases
Tripura – 2 cases
Telangana – 1,057 cases
Tamil Nadu – 2,526 cases
Rajasthan – 2,666 cases
Odisha – 154 cases
Punjab – 772 cases
Puducherry – 8 cases
West Bengal – 795 cases
Globally, 3.34 million people are affected by COVID-19 and around 237,137 are reported deaths. This data is conducted by Reuters tally. Around 210 countries and regions are severely infected since December 2019’s first case in China.

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