Ways to keep your Immune System Solid: COVID-19

Coronavirus has made everyone to think how life can be taken away easily. A healthy body with strong immunity system, thus, is very important. It is so because by far there is no discovery of its medicine which will be able to cure this pandemic.
COVID-19 has made its way in almost country of the world. The pandemic is highly life threatening and people need to be careful of not to get affected by it. The World Health Organization has advised personal hygiene tips and methods to the whole world.
Apart from that, it is crucial to focus on eating healthy food which can be beneficial in strengthening the immunity system overall. There are many ways via which one can boost their immunity system. But here are some of the stress-free ways which one everyone can follow:

• Balanced Diet

Countries like India, Australia, and Canada etc. are following the lockdown strategy which will help in controlling the spread of the virus. Therefore, during the lockdown or quarantine people should try to follow a clean and healthy diet.
A balanced diet should include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. It would be better to avoid non-vegetarian food.

• Fitness

This is the not the time to just lay back and enjoy free time at home. It is evident to focus on the physical health. People locked down in their houses should follow a regime of daily 30 minutes work out.
Fitness could include a stretching, yoga or meditation. This way one will be able to stay fit and maintain their immunity system.

• Say no to Bad Habits

During coronavirus indulging yourself in smoking and alcohol is a bigger risk to lungs than before. A smart person would know how deadly the disease is and it requires healthy lungs to fight against it.
Thus, saying no to these bad habits is the right decision to boost immunity system.

• Watch Out for Unnecessary Medicine Intake

Every doctor is suggesting to avoid unnecessary medicine intake till the time coronavirus prevailing. It can affect immune system of the body. Therefore, supplements which are highly essential should be taken.
Otherwise, avoid pointless medicine intake like headache, fever, painkillers, cold or cough etc. They have their own side-effects.

• Escape from Stress

Stress is the second easiest way which can make one ill. Every person is dealing with problems in modern times. Escaping from stress and daily pressure can make life and health better.
There are simple ways to minimize stress in the times of COVID-19:
1.  Try to have proper sleep schedule. 
2. Be in touch in people who are positive and motivating during stressful times. 
3. Relaxation techniques works excellent. Meditation for at least 30 minutes daily can soothes the body muscles and freshens mind. 
4. Develop a hobby which brings peace of mind.

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