30,000 Deaths in Total from Coronavirus in US

According to the tracks, about 30, 990 people in total have died in US due to COVID-19. The global health crisis is asking a lot from the people of US.


• US is known to be on the top for highest deaths because of coronavirus in the world.
• New York alone has a record of 14, 000 deaths.
• Donald Trump decides to revive the economy. He says, “US has passed the peak.”


On Thursday, the confirmed deaths due to COVID-19 in United States exceeded the mark of 30,000. The records are according to Johns Hopkins University.
Since, the beginning of the worldwide health crisis around 30, 990 people have died in US from coronavirus. This is the highest death toll in the world.
On number second, Italy has the highest toll in the death rate due to the virus. Around 21, 645 deaths have occurred in Italy. However, the population of Italy is just fifth of the US.
Spain happened to have 19, 130 deaths. Along with this, France faced deaths of 17, 167 people in total.
Approximately 640, 000 cases of coronavirus are recorded in the US. All these cases have turned into huge toll of deaths during the last two days.
New York which is the epicenter of US has faced the most due to this pandemic. The record has crossed more than 14, 000 deaths in New York alone.
The first case which was recorded in the city was on March 11. It was the starting point. Health commissioner Oxiris Barbot said, “Behind each death there is a friend, a member of family, a lovable one.”
He further said, “We are attentive in confirming that each New Yorker who have died due to coronavirus gets counted.”
Every school and businesses are shuttered in US which is a precautionary step to slow down the spread of the virus. This is taking a painful toll on the overall economy of US.
The shutdown in US is costing the economy $25 billion per day as said by James Bullard, St Louis Federal Reserve President.
The New York state and the severely hit areas are showing decline in the hospitalizations and the patients on the ventilators. While the healthcare workforces and other resources are under extreme pressure and stress.
As of on Tuesday, Louisiana as well as California seems to be the next hot spot of COVID-19 in US. Despite the ebb of the outbreak, there have been increase in the deaths of these cities.
In the intervening time, the President of US Donald Trump sees to unveil his plans to revive the economy of US after Thursday. This was done after the claim that “US has passed the peak” of COVID-19.
The plans will be revealed despite the daily death rates in United States. Trump also proposed to show ease on the restrictions on the less-affected states by May 1st.
Apart from this, The Washington post stated that name of Trump will be available on checks which US treasury will send to American people as a part of stimulus package $2.2tn.

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