Amazon might be the forthcoming hotspot of coronavirus

David Lapola who is a Brazillianecologist predicted to face another pandemic after coronavirus from the Amazonrainforest. He says that the unruled deforestation, a human invasion onanimals’ habitats can be the main reason for this.

Researchers confirmed that most of thezoonotic diseases arise from such steps involved in urbanization. These changescan actually transform harmful infections from animals to human beings. And onesuch aftereffect of China’s fast pace urbanization is this coronavirus which isbelieved to be originated from bats.

All about Amazon rainforest andgeneration of zoonotic diseases

A researcher who studies the influenceof human activities onthe coming future ofecosystems says that the same processes are soon going to happen in Amazonresulting from deforestation.

The Amazon rainforest being a huge reservoir of a wide variety of viruses is actually omitting at a very fast pace.

In the previous year which was presidentJairBolsonaro’s first year in the office, deforestation in the Amazonrainforest streamed almost 85 % of the land which is about 10,000 squarekilometers. This took an area that is approximately equal to the size ofLebanon. However, this progression didn’t stop there and is still continuouslyaffecting the rainforest and around 1202 square kilometers of the area had beenwiped out inthefirst four months. This has been observed on thebasis of data collected from satellite images of Brazil’s National SpaceResearch Centre and has claimed to set all the new records.

But all these observations andpredictions are actually not good signs for the planet’s future. And Lapola whohas completed his Ph.D. in earth system successfully from Max Planck institutesin Germany and is working at the University of Campinas,Brazil has shared his views saying that any disturbance created in naturecancreate transmission of viruses from animals to humans.

HIV, Ebola, dengue

Well, Lapola said that similar patternscan be observed in thecase of HIV virus, Ebola,and dengue fever which are some other viruses that camefrom animals. Well, many such outbreaks have been intense in the regions ofSouth Asia and Africa which can be co-related to some species of bats.

Moreover, Amazon can prove to be thebiggest region of coronavirus so it should not be used injudiciously like thesedays.

Well, there is another reason for beingfrightened about this deforestation by illegitimate farmers and miners. And thepresident himself sent the army to the rainforestto fight against this deforestation and further wants to open home-grown landsfor mining and agricultural purposes.

However, Lapola shared his views sayingthat the government would rather boost the current environmental agency IBAMAfacing some budget cute under the supervision of the currentpresident. And further tries to be hopeful for the next administration to bemore protective about biological treasures.Well, all this is a very daunting process andneeds to be handled with more good sense.

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