Kapil Dev Criticizes Indian Team Selection After 10-Wicket Loss In Wellington

This Monday, the Indian cricket team lost to the New Zealand cricket team by 10 wickets margin in the opening test match. As a result, former skipper Kapil Dev has expressed his criticism over the team and their selection committee.

He also praised New Zealand for playing a really good game of cricket in the past few matches. The way the New Zealand team managed to beat the Indian team in the 3 ODIs and the first test match, they are playing amazingly, according to him.

Also, Dev analyzed and questioned the team selection strategies of India as multiple changes are being made in every match. He says that the team is almost new for every match, which affects the results in a negative way. Moreover, with no secured place in the team, their form is also being affected negatively. Thus, their performance and match results are really a topic of concern.

In the first Basin Reserve test match, top Indian-batsmen like Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, and Cheteshwar Pujara failed to perform. As per the current Indian skipper Virat Kohli, the failure of top-order batsmen is the prime reason for the team’s defeat.

Kapil Dev even criticized the top batting order for not even scoring 200+ runs in each of the innings. He says that the team needs to focus and strategize properly to overcome the conditions and win the upcoming game.

Before the test and ODI series, the Indian team performed brilliantly to whitewash New Zealand team in 5 T-20I matches. But after that, the NZ team made an excellent comeback to beat India in all 3 ODIs and the first test.

Dev also questioned the team selection committee for not including in-form KL Rahul in the team. He feels that there is a great difference between the strategies during his cricketing days and now. With so many changes made in every match, the players are not able to build confidence. This affects their in-game performance adversely, which is why the team suffered consecutive losses.

Moreover, Kapil suggests the selection committee must include in-form players like KL Rahul in the team. Due to KL’s current form, he can easily prove to be a great asset to the Indian cricket team. Thus, it is important to rethink the team selection strategy & focus on including players who are in form.

For now, both the teams are practicing for their upcoming 2nd test match at the Hagley Oval in Christchurch on Saturday. The New Zealand team will be looking for a whitewash in the 2nd i.e. final test match. On the other hand, the Indian team will be looking to make a comeback and draw the series by winning the second test match. Whatever the result may be, this cricket contest is surely going to be a must-watch, thrilling experience for the fans.

The 2nd test match is scheduled to start on 29th February 2020 at 04:00 am IST (Indian Standard Time).

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