COVID-19 – Total Lockdown in India after Rise in its Cases

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on 24 March 2020 announced to impose lockdown throughout the nation. This is an attempt to stop the increase in cases of COVID-19.

The application of the announcement is to start at midnight and will be imposed for 21 days. While addressing the nation, PM Modi said, “There will be a ban on the attempts to go outside the houses.”

A 1.3 billion populated country, India is taking measures that are similar to many other countries that are seeing growing cases of COVID-19.

Around 400, 000 people are tested positive of the disease worldwide and about 17,000 people have died.

The latest measures shows a speedy increase in the cases within a few days. About 519 confirmed cases have come up in India and the total number of deaths so far is 10.

“The complete country will be in lockdown, complete lockdown,” Narendra Modi on Tuesday. He further said, “To save India, to save every citizen of India, you and your family, every street and neighborhood will be under lockdown for 21 days.”

PM Modi warned the nation to save itself. If Indians “do not handle the situation well in these 21days then our country can go backward by 21years.”

“It is a state of curfew,” he said. “People might have to pay the price of economic downfall but this is the duty of every citizen.”

The new measures imposed by the Prime Minister, all not so essential business will be shut. Only hospitals and medical facilities will be in action as usual. Every school and university in the country will be closed until further notice. Mass gatherings will be outlawed.

Narendra Modi also addresses:

• The 21 days lockdown is very important to break the chain of the novel coronavirus.
• He emphasized the urgency of the situation. He further adds that even developed countries are facing difficulty to combat the situation.
• Modi said, “The only way out is to ban the social distancing” which controls the spread of the virus.
• About $2 billion is contributed to the availability of the nation’s health infrastructure, addressed during media coverage.
• PM requests the nation to not “spread the rumors” and just follow the orders.

The announcement was done after the measures were taken by Indian states by itself. These include restrictions on traveling, the shutdown of not so important services.

India is taking its measures by banning international arrivals and grounding the domestic flights. However, the nation’s rail network is also suspended for some time.

On the other hand, countries around Asia are also battling with COVID-19 in its own way. Pakistan has reported 878 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. However, the Pakistan government ignores nationwide lockdown but various provinces are taking measures independently.

Bangladesh reports 33 cases in total whereas Indonesia reports 49 confirmed cases. Thailand reports 900 confirmed cases. Armies are called and emergency curfews are being imposed on the people.

All these measures are done by various countries to stop worldwide spread of COVID-19. In crux, 2.6 billion will be under quarantine after measures taken by India.

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