DIY beauty hacks to elevate your beauty spirit

DIY hacks which can improve your skin and hair condition.

We all believe that not everyone is into beauty and makeup. Taking care of the skin can be challenging for some, but that does not mean that there is no need to follow a skin care routine. Although, visiting salons and parlors can be time-consuming. People with busy timetables do not prefer to spend time on their facial maintenance and overall body.How about making your home a personal beauty parlor and salon? The best therapeutic DIY one can do is by using the things which are already in the kitchen.

Yes! You heard it right. Now, you can make your beauty goods with the ingredients which are already in your kitchen.With all these kitchen ingredients you will be able to invent your hair conditioner, body and face scrub, body moisturizers and also lip balms. There are many beauty hacks which require these all-rounder ingredients which are coconut oil, olive oil, honey, etc. Even if you do not have these then stock these up because these are going to change your beauty regime for perfect skin.

8 best & stress-free DIY hacks to your rescue

1. Green tea eye bags

Is your tiredness visible through your eyes? Do not worry because green tea packets are here to rescue. Cool the green tea pouches in the refrigerator and then place it under your eyes. The caffeine present in the bags will help to soothe your eyes. This will also help in de-puff and stiffen the under eyes under five minutes.

2. Cinnamon lip plumper’s

There are many uses of cinnamon. Here are some best three DIY hacks which ways to use cinnamon to get fuller lips.

• The first hack recipe adds a tablespoon of cinnamon oil in one and a half tablespoon of Vaseline. Add these two well and apply it for a while on the lips to get fuller lips.
• Another simple way is by using sugar. Add one tsp of cinnamon powder, avocado oil, and sugar. Mix all these well and apply it on your lips to see the instant results.
• Pick your favorite lip gloss and add one teaspoon of cinnamon oil in it. Use it daily to get sexy and desirable lips.

3. Coffee face masks

Who doesn’t love coffee? We all do, right? But do you know how good coffee masks are for your skin? Well, here are some beauty hacks of coffee which will give your skin salon look.

• For radiant-looking skin – take two tablespoons of coffee powder, one tablespoon of gram flour and yogurt. Add one tablespoon of honey along with few droplets of fresh lemon juice. Mix all these well and apply onto the skin for 10-15 minutes.
• For dehydrated skin – dryness of skin does not go away like this. Mix one tablespoon of each coffee powder and olive oil to see the visible results of dryness.
• For even skin –smooth skin is not a myth. Get it by adding one tablespoon of coffee powder and Aloe-Vera gel each. Apply on the face twice or thrice in a week.
• For acne and spots prone skin – get two tablespoons of freshly grounded coffee and mix it with some milk. Apply this on the skin twice or thrice in a week to get rid of the acne and spots.

4. Avocado DIY hair mask

• Avocado has unsaturated oils in it which are good for the skin and hair. To get silky hair, all you need to do is add two tablespoons of honey and one avocado. Mix it well and apply evenly on the scalp and hair. This will give you shiny and silky hair.
• Avocado and coconut oil is the best combination for improving hair texture. Mix one medium avocado with three tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply it onto the length of the hair for 15-30 minutes and wash well.
• Another hair mask is by using avocado and one banana. Mix these well without leaving any lumps behind. Apply on the scalp and the whole length of the hair. After half an hour wash it with hand-hot water. This will add shine and volume to your hair.

5. DIY skin tightening face pack

This face mask is best for women who are facing problems with their skin firmness. In this remedy, all you require is egg whites. Get some two to four egg whites and beat it well in a bowl. Now get some tissue paper. Coat a nice layer of egg whites on the tissue paper and place it all over your face.
Do this for 20-25 minutes. This will benefit you in getting rid of acne, blackheads, shrinks pores and will firm the skin.

6. Lavender oil and sugar scrub

Finding a natural scrub for your sensitive skin? We are here to save you. Get two cups of Epsom salt, one cup of sugar, two tablespoons of vanilla extract. Into this mixture add one and a half cup of coconut oil. At the end add fifteen drops of lavender oil. To make it more interesting, add few drops of red and blue food coloring to make a purple color.
This natural DIY scrub is perfect for regular use and is useful to gift someone.

7. DIY body butter

There are many solutions to dehydrated and dry skin but nothing is better than a home-based body butter. This DIY is vegetarian and includes gluten-free products. All you need to do is mix ¼ cup of coconut oil and ¼ cup of almond oil. Then add ½ cup of Shea butter. At the end add ten drops of your preferred essential oil. Voila! Here you are with natural and nominal priced body butter.

8. Detox underarm spray

Underarms is the most ignored body part. Often seen that people have dark armpits and body odor is deadly, particularly in hot weather. Here is one DIY solution which will be beneficial for all 24/7.
Get one cup of rose water in a bottle and add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. At the end add few drops of lavender oil. The apple cider vinegar will help in balancing the pH balance of the underarm area and will reduce sweating. Whereas, the rose water will clean the pores and make them smell fresh and rosy.


All these DIY beauty hacks are simple to follow and will reduce the stress of visiting costly salons. So, follow them and make yourself fine-looking.

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