DIY (Do It Yourself) Ideas for Making Your Own Hand Sanitizers to Protect Against Corona Virus

As they say, ‘Prevention Is Better than Cure’ and so is in the case of coronavirus. Almost all the doctors suggest that you should wash your hands often in order to slow down the spread of this life-threatening virus. You should use soap and water or hand sanitizers to wash your hands and keep your hands germ-free. Well, this increased use of hand sanitizers has led to the situation where the shelves of hand sanitizers in the malls or supermarkets are empty. 

Moreover, there are a lot of websites that display various recipes for making hand sanitizers at home, but do they all work? Well, for verifying this let’s have a look at the most preferable and the easiest one.

Hand sanitizer containing alcohol and Aloe Vera gel

For preparing it, you need to pour 2/3 cups or isopropyl alcohol known as rubbing alcohol into a bowl and add 1/3 cups of aloe vera gel into it and stir well. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer that prevents your skin from getting dry. It helps you heal the cracks so that the risk of getting infected decreases. And the other one isopropyl alcohol is the most important ingredient as it is used in most of the commercial products. It is advised to shake the contents well every time you use it.

You can use the alcohol of concentration 60-80% which is helpful in killing microorganisms more often. Well, you can also use surgical spirit as rubbing alcohol having 66% concentration. And if you don’t get much alcohol, then you can also use 70% concentration alcohol as it will be safe to be used as the concentration of the alcohol gets reduced on mixing with aloe vera gel. Furthermore, ethanol can be a suitable replacement for isopropyl alcohol.

Hand sanitizer containing vodka and aloe vera gel-

Likewise, there is another homemade sanitizer that is grabbing the attention of all folks nowadays and i.e. a hand sanitizer using vodka. And you can’t prepare it using any of the vodkas available. But you need to use a specific vodka named Balkan 176, which is available in the UK and has 88% of ethanol which is sufficient for making a hand sanitizer.

Well, this kind of hand sanitizer containing vodka can be made by mixing three parts of vodka into one part of aloe vera gel.

Comparison with WHO Formulation-

When it comes to comparing these home-made hand sanitizers with the WHO formulations, the results are perhaps in the favor of good. But the only problem that can be there is that the 66 % concentration of alcohol may decrease the effect of these hand sanitizers. As it is shown by some studies that the effect of any hand sanitizer increases as the concentration of alcohol used in that goes on increasing.

Moreover, according to the exact WHO formulation, the sanitizers having 75% of isopropanol or 80 % of ethanol are the most appropriate hand sanitizers in the case of most of the coronaviruses. And if we further compare these DIY hand sanitizers to the professionally made WHO formulations, then this can be concluded that these home-made sanitizers are not that much strong as those professional products.

Well, this is not all these hand sanitizers are not that bad as there are some products that are prepared using 57% alcohol and are even less effective than these ethanol or vodka hand sanitizers. In nutshell, if you actually want to have a good sanitizer then you should prefer the modified version of the first recipe.

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