Trump excited about 7 million Indians welcoming him at ‘Namaste Trump’ event

Donald Trump is going to be in Gujarat, Ahmedabad to attend an event called ‘Namaste Trump,’ meaning ‘Greetings Trump’ happening at a cricket stadium.

President of US Donald Trump says that he is excited about his India visit and Modi expects to bring out enormous crowds during his visit to the city next week. Trump is going to be in Ahmedabad, Gujarat attending an event called ‘Namaste Trump’ translation to which is ‘Greetings, Trump,’ happening at a cricket stadium.

Trump reacts to a question related to trading with India to which he says that he likes Modi very much, with an addition that Modi is expecting around 7 million people welcoming him between the route of airport and cricket stadium.

Trump also says to the reporters, ‘I believe that the stadium is still under some sort of construction but since it is going to be one of the biggest stadiums in the world, I am very much excited and thrilled to be there.’

The preparations of Trump’s visit is in full swing and a half kilometer which is about 1640 foot long, a brick wall is created in a hurry. The critics raise a voice against this saying that this was created to hide the view of the slum area around it. The slum area is home to no less than 2,000 people.

Bijal Patel, the senior government officer added his point saying that the wall was clearly created for ‘security purpose’ and not to hide the slum area.

Related to trade, Trump clearly denied any kind of expectations for the developments in the coming week. He says that ‘I am keeping the best deal for some other time. I have no idea whether it will be done by the time of elections but we surely are going to have a greater deal with India.’

The tensions related to trade between the US and India have heightened since the time the US administration imposed a tariff on the trading of steel and aluminum from India.

India acted with a higher amount of taxes on agricultural properties and restricted US medical strategies which results in retaliation of US administration by removing India’s position from preferential trade program which is a decades-old.

The US government runs a trading debit of around $25billion with India, as stated by the US Trade Representative. India has increased its tariff or tax rates, majorly in agriculture. The Trump administration is very critical related to that particular trade debit by condemning India for its unfair practices in the trade.








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