Oxford University Starts its Human Trials, however Vaccine will not be Available Until 2021

On Thursday, Oxford University in UK has begun its trials on humans for novel COVID-19 vaccine.

The first phase of the trails will be done on the human beings which are of the age 18 up to 55. After the safety measure are determined, the second phase of trials will be done on elder people. These trials will include BAME groups as well as Indians.

As per the data from Intensive Care National Adult and Research Centre, “out of 2000 coronavirus patients, 35% are non-white. Most of the Asian people confirms the coronavirus cases till April 3rd. Out of 272 cases in total 268 were black people.

Dr. Kailash Chand who is vice president of British Medical Association said that this trial as “ray of hope.” However, he further said that it is important to include ethnic communities in the trials.

This is so because they black and Asian communities are known to have major mortality rate of coronavirus. There immunity system are different and might react to vaccine differently.

The vaccine trails for COVID-19 is handled by Jenner Institute of Oxford Vaccine Group. Its team started the process of vaccine trials from January 20th 2020. The whole project is commanded by Prof Sarah Gikbert, Andrew Pollard, Prof Catherine Green, Dr. Sandy Douglas, Arian Hill, and Prof Teresa Lambe.

The trials are being held at various centers in association with many people like Saul Faust at University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust, Dr. Katrina M Pollock at NIHR Imperial Clinical Research Faculty of Imperial College. On the other hand, Imperial College of London is getting closer to its human trials by June.

The Oxford College is taking cold virus from apes to increase the immunity. Imperial College be taking the genetical material to do the same. The aim of the vaccine is to boost the immunity which will help in fighting back the COVID-19. It is this fight against COVID-19 by immune system which some people win, however some people surrender easily.

The dig by researchers is to win this by generating ‘spike proteins.’ If the whole process of vaccine generating ‘spikes’ becomes successful then the antibodies will be generated to fight the virus. Also, same can be done in the near future.

Imperial College, “Early research has shown that the vaccine given to animals is successful in producing antibodies against coronavirus SARS-COV-2. The researchers, therefore, will get into the development of vaccine furthermore by using the funding. The tests will be done on the humans to see the same results against coronavirus.”

Chief Medical Officer of England, Chris Whitty said that production of the trial vaccine will start by September by Oxford but its benefits will not reap by this year. This could end the excitement of people.

It might take next year for us but in the time being, “while waiting for the vaccine, we have to depend on various other social measures” by Chris Witty.

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