Remdisivir Drug Giving Promising Results To Fight Corona Virus

The biggest hope of the entire world in this crucial time period against this deadly corona virus, is an experimental data which is still in process, is capable of shortening the time period to get totally recovered from COVID-19.

An experimental drug named, remdesivirhas the capability to disrupt the transcription of various viruses includingthis SARS-CoV-2 which is the main reason behind current rampant.

Well, the director of NIAID, NationalInstitute Of Allergy And Infectious Disease of US made an announcement on 29April regarding the fast recovery of corona virus positive patients consumingremdisivir. However, recovery was not 100% but this experimental drug blocksthe virus, he added.

But this trial with remdisivir wasstopped soon due to some ethical reasons despite of the fact that the deathrate was low in the participants consuming this drug. However, this drug can bea standard treatment of this contagious disease as told by Fauci.

Many other countries tried thisexperimental drug in comparison with placebo including California and China butit was not found as beneficial as expected. Nevertheless, this trial gave somepositivity or hopes to the entire world to win the battle against COVID-19.

Some small test runs

All these information on remdisivir hasleft almost everyone reeling in the past few weeks. Although, these kind ofsmall clinical trials assures the recovery of half of the patients but thisinfectious virus is increasing anyway, as mentioned by Geoffrey Porges.

Furthermore, as mentioned by Fauci thatthis remdisivir can only be a standard treatment for this virus likewise,Griffin gave a statement that this clinical drug may not be an amazing weaponagainst COVID-19.

With a lot of trial processes with thisdrug it was found to detract the viral infection within the human cells testedin laboratory. And Gilead started the production of this drug on high scale inorder to cure around 30000 patients. And it was planned to get raw material fromnew sources to raise the production.

Well, all this calculation was madekeeping a consuming time of 10 days by a patient. But if recovery is expectedto be in 5 days of consumption, then the count of patients getting recoveredwill also double up.

Requirement of a lot of drugs

Researchers all over the world have beenputting a lot of efforts in trying new therapies and finding the suitable oneto recover from this deadly disease as soon as possible. However, a lot ofdrugs like malaria drugs, a mixture of appropriate amounts of two HIV drugshave been tested against this virus but all the studies have shown to fail andcould not give any benefit.And Sheahen alongwith his colleagues tested and found a compound which seems to be activeagainst this infectious virus. But a further statement was given that thiscompound needs to pass a lot of tests before getting tried on human beings. Andit hopefully helps to contain the virus in the future.

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