Shutdown in Australia for Months Due to Coronavirus

Australia is facing the biggest battle like the rest of the world. COVID-19 has stepped into the country and is spreading rapidly.

Seeing the current situation, Prime Minister of Australia announced, “Australia is going to enter a stage of lockdown for a minimum of 6 months. This is due to the coronavirus crisis which the nation is facing.

The non-essential services, as well as businesses, will shut down. This includes restaurants, all cafes and clubs, and various retail businesses. On the other hand, it is also ordered that domestic traveling will be standstill.

The schools across are the nation are being closed. However, the school holidays are around the corner. As per the orders, online teaching will take place in 2020.

The Treasurer and PM of Australia held a press conference in which he said “draconian” measures will take place for the next six months.

The parts of Sydney are under complete and strict lockdown. This is because of the spread of COVID-19 across different suburbs. Victoria and New South Wales are under complete shutdown as well.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia said, there will be a meeting with the national cabinet tonight. In this meeting, probably a proposal to shut down Australia’s two busiest and largest cities will be considered. Both cities constitute 40% of the total population of Australia.

There are around 500 cases of coronavirus cases in Sydney. Therefore, certain measures are taken to control its spread. However, non-essential traveling will be restricted due to the very reason. The lockdown is going to happen immediately in Sydney.

The beaches on the coast of Sydney are already shut by the authorities. During the Sunday afternoon, visitors were told to go back home.

The federal government is taking all the necessary actions in the stimulation of the economy. Around $66 billion will be funded in total.

Scott Morison said, “To cause fewer problems to the households and prevent them from COVID-19 disaster, Australia’s safety net is being increased.”

Also, the people who are facing any kind of financial distress have the liberty to use superannuation to face the crisis with ease. Whereas, the people who are on welfare will be benefitted from extra payments or salaries. The businesses will be benefitted from incentives and enough cash flow to deal with the situation.

Every law will be changed in order to benefit the businesses so that they do not go bankrupt.

On the other hand, after the announcement by Prime Minister, the government revealed AS$715 million aid help to the airlines which included waivers for the air traffic fees.

The international flights are canceled by Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd from 30 March to 14 June. Qantas Airways Ltd took action to limit the capacity of international passengers by 90%.

All these restrictions on international and domestic movement can cost a lot to Australia, according to economists. This can lead to the first recession in Australia after three decades leading to massive unemployment.

However, people are not very happy in Australia and called it “Un-Australian.”

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