Thinking to give up social media accounts this Sunday: PM Modi

On Monday PM Modi tweet about his social media accounts. He says that he thinks to give up on his social media accounts this Sunday but he did not give any deeper details about his decision.


PM Modi, “This Sunday, I think to give up on my social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Will keep all of you posted about the same”, from the official account of Prime Minister Modi.

This tweet from PM Modi shocked everyone. The contact from the sources does not give any information and refused to say anything about this. However, the sources only says that the planning of any further action will be known to the people within few days.

Within the few minutes of the tweet done by PM Modi, the people started to raise questions. The hashtag saying #NoSir started to trend on the microblogging websites.

People on the social media sites raised questions about the actual reason behind this decision. On the other hand, some people were confused about how the Prime Minister will update them if he has decided to quit the social media.

Narendra Modi is one of the top and popular global leaders of the world. He has around 53.3 million followers on Twitter. The ideologies of PM Modi are highly appreciable around the globe.

PM Modi hits the top rank on the list of most liked world leader. He is most followed leader in the world on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. He tries to be active on his radio show “Mann ki Baat” which gets live on every Sunday.

The list of most followed and active leaders of the world, Narendra Modi hits the top place on the list. He is favorite of more than 44 million people on Facebook which is way more than the followers of US President Donald Trump. Whereas, on Instagram PM Modi has more than 35million followers.

The famous “Main bhi Chowkidar” campaign during the Lok Sabha elections grabbed the attention of many people in the country. The campaign gathered a lot of personalities and Bollywood celebrities in the promotion of voting.

Prime Minister Modi has used the platform of social media very smartly and actively like no other politician in India. People love Narendra Modi for his active participation on social media accounts and does not want him to quit social media clearly.

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