What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Mangoes Regularly?

In today’s busy life in which people are trying to race with time, what falls behind is caring for our own health. After a busy day, we usually end up having anything which is easy to prepare and requires less time and is also easy to eat.

No wonder why, the trend of junk food has become so popular. However, what we should actually make sure is that we are consuming proper amount of water, fresh and seasonal fruits and green vegetables in plenty. When we talk about fruits, you must be thinking of the sweetest of all- mangoes, of course! Mango is known as the ‘king of fruits’ in a lot of places and it is rightly one. There are more than one health benefits of mango which makes it more of a favorite for everyone.

The history of mangoes is also very interesting. You won’t believe that mangoes were discovered more than 5000 years ago. This was discovered most probably in the Southern Asia, especially Myanmar, then Burma and the eastern part of India. There is a mention of mangoes in a number of Indian folklore and also mythological stories.

It is said that Lord Buddha used to meditate under mango trees also. The cultivation of mangoes spread from these regions to Africa and later to parts of America, especially California and Florida in the 19th century. Mango trees are very shady and so create a very soothing and also a scenic landscape. Some of the trees can live up to more than 300 years and still bear fruits.

Health benefits of eating mangoes

You will be very excited to know some of the many health benefits of mango:

Mangoes are mainly said to be of two types, namely the Indian variety and the Philippines or the South East Asian variety. The first ones are the more colorful ones in bright red and yellow shades and the other variety is more of pale green ones. Health benefits are however incomparable no matter what variety you are consuming.

Eating mangoes maintains overall health of a person

According to a number of studies, mangoes are said to be the powerhouse of vitamins. The fruit is rich in a number of vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C, E and K. It is also a rich source of potassium and magnesium which is in turn extremely helpful in keeping a control of your blood pressure. Mangoes also contain a lot of antioxidants and together the fruit prevents a number of degenerative diseases.


Among all the other health benefits of eating mangoes , what must be mentioned is that the fruit contains a remarkable amount of a substance known as ‘pectin’.  It is a soluble dietary fiber which mainly prevents the development of prostate cancer. The pectin in the fruit combines with the vitamins in it and is said to be very helpful in curing a number of other types of cancers in all stages.

Eating mangoes helpful in weight gain

Losing weight is not the only common problem. You will be surprised to know that a lot of people are keen on gaining weight as being underweight is equally unhealthy. Mangoes are a very good sourced of calories. Also, the sugar content in the mangoes converts to become starch and thus promote weight gain. A very good way to have the fruit is in the form of milkshakes. This is because a glass of milkshake not only contains the protein of milk but also the goodness of the fruit which is therefore rich in sugar content.

Eating Mangoes Helps in digestion

One of the health benefits of eating mangoes is also that it enhances digestion. You must have seen that freshly cut mangoes are often served as dessert after a main meal. The logic behind this is that the fruit prevents acidity and in turn fastens natural digestion. It contains certain helpful enzymes which also strengthen digestive immunity.

Treating Anemia

The natural and most common cure for Anemia is the consumption of food that is rich in iron. The mineral helps in boosting the number of red blood cells in the body thus reducing the symptoms of anemia. Mangoes are thus said to be very rich in iron and has also been used to make a Chinese iron tonic known as the yin tonic. The fruit is very helpful in curing other common problems such as bleeding gums, seasickness and cough.

Pregnancy food

Eating mangoes can prove to be a very useful health supplement for pregnant women. Doctors usually prescribe Iron and vitamin tablets during the prenatal period and the king of fruits is a rich source of both the nutrients. Also, green mangoes can be very good if there is a problem of tastelessness which is a common syndrome during pregnancy.

Skin care benefits

You must be surprised to know that our mothers and grandmothers were always correct when they kept telling us that mangoes have skincare benefits. It not only gives you a glowing skin but also helps in lightening skin color. You just have to make sure that you include mangoes in your regular diet. On top of this the collagen content in mangoes prevents early ageing, mainly in women.

Brain health development

You must know that the nervous system of a person plays a major role in maintaining his brain health. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and foliate which are some of the nutrients which enhance the development of brain health. Apart from this, the properties in a mango also help in proper amalgamation of the brain and the nervous system by maintain mood and sleep patterns. Apart from this, the glutamine content in mangoes makes our memory sharper.

Immunity booster

Mangoes contain beta-carotene and also carotenoid which are elements that enhance and eating mangoes can boost the immunity system of a person. The antioxidants also keep the body free from toxins.

Diabetes control

Though mangoes are rich in sugar content, it is said to be beneficial in controlling diabetes and blood sugar. Mango leaves are generally even more useful and are one of the natural remedies for diabetes control. Soaking a few mango leaves in boiling water overnight and then consuming the water minus the leaves is said to heal diabetes.

Here are thus, some of the health benefits of mango which makes it the king of fruits.

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