Top 6 Most Popular Food Blogs

Are you interested in reading food blogs on the internet? The gastronomy industry is reaching new heights every day. There are thousands of bloggers who are now celebrities by creating some amazing content related to food.  You do not need to worry if you are staying away from home, need to cook and are now confused about what to do. The most popular food blogs can teach you all those fancy recipes that you can try for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In this article, we will discuss the best food bloggers presently. The list is not given in the order of ranking so you may read from wherever you want to.

Most popular food blogs

The following are the most popular food blogs that you can refer to for the tastiest meals.

1. Pinch of Yum, Lindsay

Lindsay, the owner of this blog, was previously a 4th-grade teacher and is now a very successful blogger. She creates delicious recipes for her blog, Pinch of Yum. You can also refer to the related premium membership site: here you can start your journey and create posts to become a popular blogger like Lindsay.

The reason for the mass popularity of this blog is that Lindsay posts all the simple recipes with the prettiest pictures. These recipes are easy to follow irrespective of your level of cooking knowledge. Secondly, the recipes are very healthy and there are several additional features for you on this blog.

The yummiest recipe shared on Pinch of Yum is of Chicken Tinga Tacos. This is a recipe for regular tacos with a creative touch of Lindsay. You can also refer to the minute-long video that shows you how to develop the recipe.

2. Sailu’s Food, Sailaja Gudivada

Sailaja Gudivada is a mum as well as the owner of one of the most popular food blogs that focus on Indian food. So, if you love Indian cuisine, this is the destination for you. she teaches us how to develop the easiest and healthiest homemade food.

She takes inspiration from other bloggers and then develops her recipes. She also puts up recipes from popular cookbooks and magazines. You can learn the easiest ways to cook the fanciest dishes.

The fanciest dish put up by Sailu’s Food is of the Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani. It is a common favorite of people in India and even people from other parts of the world love it. So, you now have easy access to the recipe of the spicy delicacies. There are pictures of all the ingredients to help you understand what is what.

3., Steph

Have you heard of crab Rangoon, Banh Mi Tacos, Deviled eggs or the Okonomiyaki burgers? Well if you love the umami in Asian food, you must read Steph’s recipes. He has a collection of some of the most amazing Asian delicacies. He also experiments with fusion cuisines and the cheese pie Asian style is a masterpiece.

Besides food, Steph also creates content about other niches such as travel, gadgets and more. won the Saveur Magazine’s 2014 Best Cooking Blog, Editor’s Choice. It was also nominated for the same award in the year 2016 under the category of Inspiring Weeknight Dinners.

One special recipe that is worth mentioning from his blog is the Turkey Menchi Katsu Burger. This is a burger with deep-fried, juicy and succulent fillings. The pictures of the process and all the ingredients are given on the blog page.

4. Cookie and Kate, Kathryne

Kathryne, the founder of this blog is from Oklahoma who started creating such lovely recipe posts in 2010. She is a self-taught cook, photographer, and now a very successful blogger too. She is an inspiration to a lot of young girls who want to pursue their passion and make it big in life. Kathryne shares a vast range of recipes on her blog.

Kathryne teaches viewers how to develop those restaurant-quality dishes and also trains people on how to build and start a food blog. Moreover, she loves to impart knowledge about food photography that you can use in your blogs.

She is a learner and a great teacher for sure. They also have a free application that viewers can subscribe to. Through this application, we can listen to the step-by-step instructions of a particular recipe. One of the best recipes on her page is crispy and baked potato wedges. It is easy and yummy both at the same time.

5., Stan

This blog is unlike those posh, celebrity blogs. This is like Facebook for all food lovers and enthusiasts on the internet. Users have free access to this blog where they can share their food recipes. We can also post pictures of the food that we prepare.

Besides food recipes, this blog also has a community food forum. Here you can post pictures, interact with people and put forward your food and cooking queries. The answers that you will get are from expert home cooks. This feature is what attracts so many viewers to this blog.

If you are a taco lover, then you will be happy to know that the most popular recipe of this blog is the Lime Chicken Soft Tacos. This is delicious and you will get all the details of how to cook this delicacy more easily. Apart from the step-by-step recipe and the ingredients, they also have food nutrition facts about all their recipes.

6. Budget Bytes, Beth

The founder and owner of this blog is Beth and he creates the simplest meals on a budget. These dishes are all extremely delicious, well-balanced and satisfying. There are more than 1000 amazing recipes and so it finds a place in the world’s most popular food blogs.

Several other bloggers have posted expensive, fancy and exotic recipes. The ingredients that they use may not be available at all places. On the other hand, this blog has something for everyone. Beth uses simple ingredients that are easily available in the local markets. There are also options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The best recipes shared by Beth were of potlucks and Summer BBQs. This one is a collection of 25 recipes for you to try during the Summer holidays. The list is long and tempting, including burgers, ribs, chicken, and hotdogs as well as other simple dishes.

So, start reading these blogs and collect all the yummy recipes that you can. No doubt your friends are going to be surprised by your new-found passion for cooking.

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